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Connecting Communities to Veterans
Connecting Veterans to Communities

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About After Action Network

After Action Network is creating a new culture in the way we help today’s heroes. AAN is a community network engagement platform designed to thank VETERANS for OUR freedoms and to thank YOU for your service to OUR veterans.

Bringing Veterans and Civilians Together

Buy One Vet One

B1V1 is a community engagement tool and charitable sales promotion platform that allows companies, businesses, and nonprofits to offer services and/or programs to civilians and for a small additional cost we provide the same services and/or programs to veterans at little to no cost.

All proceeds from B1V1 go toward getting veterans and their families into positive and constructive outlets, much-needed retreats, alternative therapies, career and housing opportunities, and much, much more.

Those organizations that would like to offer B1V1 services and programs please contact us here. Once approved, your organization will be classified into one of our operational subsidiaries