About EVAC

The mission of EVAC’s social venture is to create a new organization and culture that supports and encourages veterans to use art as a tool for self-expression, a means to communicate with their families and communities, and successfully reassimilate back into society and their new lives as disabled American veterans.

How It Works

Our purpose is to set up a network of physical and online resources that encourage and support our nation’s veterans to pursue their creative endeavors. By creating a new program and culture that is a positive self-constructive outlet, we can begin to break down the self-destructive habits veterans develop when returning to their families, communities and suffocating government based bureaucracy.

EVAC-art.com and Iron Will Studios gives veterans the support, platform, and space needed to create and showcase their creative work and talents regardless of abilities and disabilities. This allows veterans to find an empowering, constructive, & motivational outlet with a beneficial, rewarding product.

Example Artist Galleries

Take a look at some of our artists and their galleries

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

There are many opportunities to show your support for veterans and local artists. Through our sponsorships opportunities you will endow our artists to create their masterpieces, showcase their work, and help build a better community through the arts. These opportunities include:

Individual Artist sponsorship – Endow a veteran or local artist the ability to create artwork through specialized individual grants for purchase of necessary materials, tools, and equipment to make art.

Gallery Sponsorship – Endow a veteran or local artist the ability to showcase artwork through our physical galleries. By sponsoring a show you will help offset the cost necessary to showcase their work and provide an opportunity that may have not been accessible to them because of financial hardship. This event will be held in your name and you will also receive a selected piece from the artist.

General sponsorship – Endow EVAC’s ability to provide more opportunities and advocation for veteran and local artist. This includes online galleries, art fairs, special events and fundraisers.

For further information on how to be a sponsor please contact Joe Williams at:

(816) 810-1680

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